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Whether you believe it or not, oral hygiene is very important for children, even if their permanent teeth have yet to grow into place. Baby teeth are important as well, and it’s best that your child takes care of them each day. However, in order to do that, your child needs the right tool. So, to help you pick the best toothbrush for your child, we recommend choosing one that:

Is easy to use
If your child has a difficult time brushing because the brush is too big or too tough to handle, they won’t brush. So, it’s best to find a toothbrush that has a non-slip grip and a head that fits perfectly in your child’s mouth. We also recommend picking a brush with soft bristles because the soft bristles effectively clean the teeth all while being soft and gentle with the gums.

Has been approved by the ADA
If the brush has been approved by the American Dental Association, that means it has passed tests that have evaluated for safety and effectiveness. This is the best way to know that the brush is the best product for your child’s smile.

Is one that your child loves
Sometimes children don’t care to brush their teeth. However, that might change if they have a toothbrush they love to use. So, why don’t you get them a brush that has their favorite cartoon character or superhero on it? These features might excite your child and make brushing fun for them again.

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