Treatments for a Better Smile: Optimum Oral Health

Optimum oral health begins with you. By establishing an effective routine for your oral health, you can make sure that your teeth and gums can continue to provide for you in the ways that they are designed. Not only can your smile function correctly, but it can also remain visually impressive for the remainder of… Read more »

Without Professional Treatment Chronic Gum Disease Can Lead to Significant Complications

If you sometimes forget to brush your teeth twice each day, or you are frequently fail to floss at least once a day, excess bacterial deposits can start to accumulate on your teeth. In time they can start to harden into tartar near the gumline placing you at increased risk for developing gum disease. Early… Read more »

The Clear System of Invisalign® Can Adjust Teeth

Have you heard about the unique system of Invisalign®? If not, we have exciting news for you! Invisalign is a new way to align your smile in a clear, discreet way, and has proven successful in recent years. To help you learn more about this new system, our , Dr. with in , , is… Read more »

How Water Helps Dental Health

Your teeth perform a variety of necessary functions for your mouth, from facilitating clear speech to helping you eat and smile. We encourage you to make a habit of brushing and flossing your teeth daily to keep them in good shape. If you would like to improve your smile even further, we suggest increasing your… Read more »

Dental Augmentations: Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

Are you aware of all the dangers in your diet? Did you know that just as sugary sweets can slowly damage your teeth, so too can starchy products? This is because these products are converted into harmful acids by plaque buildup in your mouth. Once an acid forms, they can slowly eat through your tooth… Read more »

How to Address the Root of Bad Breath

Dealing with persistent bad breath is never a fun ordeal, and it can often be traced back to poor habits in your lifestyle or diet. If you have bad breath, the first step is to use effective oral care habits such as brushing and flossing and using antibacterial mouthwash. However, sometimes bad breath can be… Read more »

Work Habits That Can Help You Have a Healthy Smile

Did you know there are work habits that can harm your smile? Well, it’s true. Fortunately, there are also work habits that can help your smile! Our , Dr. , encourages you to participate in the good work habits so you can maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums while you’re completing tasks and assignments…. Read more »

Tips on How to Avoid Plaque Growth

If you want to maintain a top-notch smile and oral health, then you need to keep plaque at bay. This is because plaque creates tooth decay and gum disease, which are two very dangerous dental problems. So, our , Dr. , encourages you to keep plaque at bay by doing the following things: -Brush your… Read more »

The Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

If you’re wondering about the benefits of a water flosser, our , Dr. , is happy to help you. Today, would like to tell you all about the benefits of a water flosser so you can know more about this handy and effective tool. Those benefits are: -Water flossers can make cleaning between the teeth… Read more »

Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with Toothache Treatments

As your year comes to an end, it is important to set forth a more effective treatment plan for your smile next year. Always make sure you’re protecting your teeth against any potential forms of infection that can lead to tooth abscesses and toothaches. If an abscess is not treated, it can lead to severe… Read more »