Dental Boosters and Dental Destroyers

Good nutrition doesn’t just give you energy and help your body be healthy; it also provides your teeth with extra strength and durability. You can find healthy eating tips on Our specialists at are pleased to aid you in identifying specific foods that can help or harm your teeth. Dental Boosters – Foods with… Read more »

With CEREC®Technology, You Can Go Home Wearing a New Dental Crown in a Day

If you have teeth that need restoring, our CEREC® one-visit restorations can allow you to go home with a new dental crown in a day. Dental crowns are designed to cover a damaged tooth down to the gumline to protect the tooth and restore its full function. Because CEREC dental crowns are milled on site,… Read more »

Five Food Choices That Can Ruin Your Smile

Did you know that the foods and drinks you consume could be putting your mouth at an increased risk for failure? Protect your teeth and gums by eating healthy. Here are five food choices that can ruin your smile: – Foods that stick to your teeth and gums tend to put your mouth at an… Read more »

Tongue Scraper: The Benefits

Are you concerned about your teeth and gums? Do you ever wonder if there’s anything more you can do to keep your mouth clean and strong? If so, you may want to consider the benefits of using a tongue scraper, though brushing your tongue isn’t always necessary. You see, unlike your teeth and gums, your… Read more »

A Tooth Suffering Chipped Enamel Needs Timely Care

Chips and minor dental fractures can come from a wide variety of sources. Athletes who don’t use mouthguards and people who grind their teeth at night on a regular basis are at heightened risk of suffering one or more chipped teeth. At the same time, a bad habit of chewing on objects or using your… Read more »

The Facts About Teeth Whitening

Do you have a big event coming up that you want to look your best for? Are you worried that small imperfection in your teeth might ruin your big day? Are you simply hoping to enhance your overall appearance for your pearly whites for your daily activities? Luckily, if you aren’t satisfied with the look… Read more »

What to do if You Have Sleep Apnea

Having sleep apnea is like sleeping on a ticking time bomb. That’s why it’s important that you seek out treatment for sleep apnea immediately. This dangerous condition emerges because the air passageways are blocked while sleeping, or in more severe cases, the brain is unable to send the proper signals telling the body to breathe…. Read more »

Save Your Smile with These Great Flossing Tips!

Did you know flossing is an integral part of your oral health hygiene habits to prevent gum disease and cavities? It’s true, so be sure to always floss daily by using the proper methods to ensure your teeth are cleaned safely and effectively. Never force the floss too hard on your teeth and gums, or… Read more »

The Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Dental Cleaning and Exam

Are you about to attend your six-month checkup with Dr. ? If so, then our dental team encourages you to do all you can to get the most out of your appointment. If you take advantage of the situation, you can have a better experience and you’ll also be doing your smile a favor. So, in… Read more »

How to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery

If you’re about to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant, it’s important to prepare for the treatment so you can increase your chances of success. So, to help you prepare for the surgery, our dental team encourages you to do the following things: -Inform your dental professional about any medications you are taking,… Read more »