Your Mouth Guard Options

When you’re looking to get a mouth guard, it’s important to understand all the different options you have. What mouth guard a basketball player chooses may not be the best option for a football or hockey player. That’s why, here at , we want to make sure you’re informed of all your options so you… Read more »

Why you Need a Mouth Guard

Have you noticed any issues with your teeth lately? Any pain, or perhaps some chipping that’s not normal? If so, that may be a sign that you’re grinding your teeth at night. While teeth grinding can be a sign of sleep disorder, according to some of the latest research, that may not always be the… Read more »

How to Avoid Plaque and Tartar

When it comes to dentistry, there are a few terms and phrases that can be confusing. For instance, you’ve probably heard of plaque and tartar—but do you know what the differences actually are? You see, plaque is made up of bacteria containing food particles. Generally, it forms within four hours of consuming food. In fact,… Read more »

Which Type Toothbrush Should You Choose?

Have you been told that you should brush twice a day, every day? Have you been told that it’s important to replace your toothbrush every few months, or that you should let your brush air dry after each use? Have you been told whether you should be using an electric or a manual brush? If… Read more »

The Best Dental Products That Can Replace Your Missing Teeth and Improve Your Smile

Are you looking for a successful and reliable dental restoration that will replace your missing teeth and give you the smile results you’re looking for? If so, our team is thrilled to share some good news with you! There are many dental products in the world today that can help you, and those products are:… Read more »

The Lumineer® Difference

If you have crooked, stained, or misshapen teeth, there are a number of treatments you could pursue. A simple whitening or bonding procedure might satisfy your cosmetic desires. But if the problems are more than skin (or enamel) deep, a more comprehensive solution might be necessary. Dental veneers might be that solution. Dental veneers are… Read more »

The ADA Dentist Code of Ethics

Dr. is proud to be a member of the American Dental Association. Our patients truly appreciate the patient-first promise that and other ADA dentists made as part of the association’s code of ethics. When a dentist joins the ADA, he or she makes five pledges in the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Personal… Read more »

Mouthguards: The Five Warm-Weather Sports That Require Smile Protection

If you participate in any of the following sports, our team recommends protecting your smile with a mouthguard: Bicycling If you’re a BMX racer, mountain biker, or traditional cycler, it’s important to wear a mouthguard while you are spinning your wheels. There are many times when a bump or rock in the road can make… Read more »

Denture Wearers with Sleep Apnea Can Find Relief with a Tongue Stabilizing Snore Guard

Snoring is a common side effect of sleep apnea. To effectively explore your treatment options, you should have your sleep apnea properly diagnosed. People that suffer from severe sleep apnea often need a positive pressure treatment device known as a CPAP machine in order to get a good night’s sleep If you are only diagnosed… Read more »

The Dangers of Snacking

Do you ever find yourself snacking throughout the day? If you do, you probably know that sugary or starchy foods could hurt your teeth, but would you be surprised to learn that how and when you eat could cause trouble? After you eat, acids form in your mouth and damage the outer layer of your… Read more »