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Products and ingredients such as sugar are often the culprit of cavities, along with plaque buildup. Within plaque exists bacteria that can convert sugar into harmful acids capable of chewing through tooth enamel. If tooth enamel is damaged enough, a hole forms known as a cavity, which will need to be treated with dental fillings. Can your oral health be improved with dental fillings? The answer is yes if you have cavities.

The two most common forms of dental fillings are dental amalgams and dental composites. Dental amalgams have existed for over 150 years in America, and have a proven track record of effectiveness with treating cavities. However, they are crafted using a variety of metals including mercury as a bonding agent, and due to their design, a shiny metallic layer is visible on your teeth after they are placed. Furthermore, if an amalgam is damaged or broken, it must be removed before a new one can be inserted.

Alternatively, composite fillings are most notably known for their tooth-like appearance and are often referred to as tooth-colored fillings. Composite filings can replicate the natural look of teeth and should one fail, a new one can be placed on a tooth without the need to take out the original composite filling.

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