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Are you aware of all the dangers in your diet? Did you know that just as sugary sweets can slowly damage your teeth, so too can starchy products? This is because these products are converted into harmful acids by plaque buildup in your mouth. Once an acid forms, they can slowly eat through your tooth enamel. To help combat this effect, the best form of therapy is unhealthy food avoidance. Cutting off these dangerous substances at the source and eliminating them from your diet altogether can do wonders for your smile.

Many products in your dietary repertoire may include substances which will slowly damage or deteriorate your teeth. In the case of sugars and starches, they contain substances that are known for eating away at your teeth and causing cavities. Thus, be sure to avoid them as much as possible. Other common risks associated with dental erosion includes acidic products. The lower the pH level of a substance, the more acidic it is. To keep your smile safe, try to avoiding products that have an extremely low pH level.

Another common risk to your smile exists due to hard foods that you may be consuming. As dental damage is associated with hard foods, make sure you are eating healthier snacks that are easy to bite into. Better yet, avoid biting into any hard products at all. Why take the risk of damaging your smile due to a product that should not be in your diet anyway? If you have any fears associated with potentially chipping or cracking your teeth or even knocking them out due to a hard product, avoid it.

The pinnacle of oral health includes unhealthy food avoidance. To book a visit to our dentist office in Middletown, Connecticut, please contact Laura Miller, DDS to set up an appointment with Dr. Laura Miller by calling 860-346-6872.