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Did you know that the foods and drinks you consume could be putting your mouth at an increased risk for failure? Protect your teeth and gums by eating healthy. Here are five food choices that can ruin your smile:

– Foods that stick to your teeth and gums tend to put your mouth at an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Avoid foods that are hard to brush away that linger in your mouth.
– Sugars are one of the most commonly associated products with cavities, as they are attributed to the production of harmful acids in your mouth that can erode tooth enamel.
– If you bite too hard into some products, tooth loss or fractured teeth can occur. To avoid chips, cracks, or severe fractures with your teeth, exercise caution when biting into any product.
– Acidic foods can lead to an increase in tooth sensitivity due to the breakdown of tooth enamel.
– One of the most acidic products on the market today is sour snacks. In fact, some sour snacks are nearly as acidic as car battery acid. To keep your mouth safe, avoid sour sweets.

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