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Are you looking for a successful and reliable dental restoration that will replace your missing teeth and give you the smile results you’re looking for? If so, our Laura Miller, DDS team is thrilled to share some good news with you! There are many dental products in the world today that can help you, and those products are:

If you want a removable dental appliance that gives you successful results, dentures are the right product for you! There are two different types of dentures available, and those types are complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are meant to replace every tooth in your smile while partial dentures are meant to fill a space between your remaining natural teeth.

Dental bridge
A dental bridge is a permanent tooth-replacement option that is anchored to the remaining natural teeth in your smile. This product is best when filling a gap in the mouth and when you want permanent results without the need of surgery.

Dental implant
A dental implant also provides permanent results, but it does require surgery. Your dentist will place a small post into the bone socket of the missing tooth and will cover that post with a dental crown, giving you a natural-looking, strong, and reliable outcome. Please remember that recovery time may be required.

For more information about your tooth-replacement options in Middletown, Connecticut, or if you’re interested in talking to your dentist, Dr. Laura Miller, about dentures, dental bridges, or dental implants, please call 860-346-6872 today and schedule an appointment. We are more than happy to help you!