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If you have bad breath, then you know how embarrassing it can be at times. That is why our team in Middletown, Connecticut, is happy to talk to you about the triggers that could be causing your bad breath, so you can avoid them and keep your breath clean and fresh.

Halitosis, which is also known as persistent bad breath, is a condition that causes your breath to smell. When it comes to treating halitosis, the first step is to always talk to your dentist Dr. Laura Miller about your cause and treatment options. There are several different causes. For example, poor dental hygiene is usually the main reason bad breath lingers. That is another reason why brushing and flossing each day is vital to your oral health. Other triggers include a warning sign of gum disease, dry mouth, smoking or any tobacco use, foods, and some drinks can also cause bad breath.

Luckily, bad breath can be treated and overcome if you are dedicated to treating your smile right. If you keep a healthy oral hygiene routine, then you can help fight off this condition. With your dental checkups every six months, you can also keep gum disease and other conditions from advancing into more serious situations.

If you would like to come in for a dental checkup or have questions about your halitosis, please call us today at 860-346-6872 to set up an appointment. Our friendly staff looks forward to helping you with your bad breath and any other oral health questions you may have.