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Have you heard about the unique system of Invisalign®? If not, we have exciting news for you! Invisalign is a new way to align your smile in a clear, discreet way, and has proven successful in recent years. To help you learn more about this new system, our dentist, Dr. Laura Miller with Laura Miller, DDS in Middletown, Connecticut, is happy to give you this list of information about Invisalign, so you can decide if this system is ideal for your smile:

– Invisalign aligners remain clear due to the fact they are metal free and feature patented thermoplastic materials.
– A key benefit of Invisalign aligners is that they are customized without the use of metal or wires.
– The social stigma attached to traditional orthodontic aligners is negated with Invisalign as they go on clear. This can provide a boost for your self-esteem.
– Invisalign orthodontic aligners our detachable.
– To enjoy zero food restrictions, remove your aligners before eating.
– Once Invisalign has run its course, your teeth will be much easier to clean.
– Invisalign can boost your self-esteem and self-image.

As you can see, there are many benefits of Invisalign, which is why it’s become a popular way to align your teeth today. If you have questions about Invisalign, or if you would like a consultation, please call us today at 860-346-6872 to set up an appointment. Our team is happy to address your questions and concerns.