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Do you ever find yourself snacking throughout the day? If you do, you probably know that sugary or starchy foods could hurt your teeth, but would you be surprised to learn that how and when you eat could cause trouble?

After you eat, acids form in your mouth and damage the outer layer of your teeth. This means that the more often you eat sugary foods, the more often acids will be able to attack your teeth. In other words, it’s better for your teeth to enjoy a bigger meal than it is to snack throughout the day.

Fortunately, it only takes about twenty minutes for the acid in your mouth to be neutralized. However, once you eat again, your teeth will be exposed to acids again. If your smile is constantly exposed to these harmful acids, you could ultimately have to deal with tooth decay—which, if left untreated, could ultimately lead to the need for root canal therapy, the need to pull a tooth, or even sensitive teeth.

However, snacking isn’t necessarily bad for your teeth, if done in moderation. Similarly, choosing healthy snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole-grain crackers, and cheese can help.

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