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When chompers remain sensitive for too long, it’s probable that they’re a sign of a larger underlying condition, like gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease could lay waste to your oral cavity. But don’t worry: your friendly team at Laura A. Miller, DDS. is here to assist you.

A general visit includes an evaluation of tooth sensitivity. As Dr. Laura Miller examines your pearly whites individually, they will watch out for your reactions to evaluate if any part of the inspection has stimulated your chompers. If they notice that you look uneasy, they will ask you why and try to identify the problem. When they notice that the discomfort is coming from a specific tooth, they might decide that you are hurting from tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity, also referred to as dentin sensitivity and dentin hypersensitivity, is a discomfort in the mouth which is short, sharp and caused by exposure of the dentin of the teeth to stimulants such as hot and cold. While a small degree of sensitivity in the dentin of your chompers is normal, you could be experiencing tooth sensitivity if the pain is major.

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