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When you’re looking to get a mouth guard, it’s important to understand all the different options you have. What mouth guard a basketball player chooses may not be the best option for a football or hockey player.

That’s why, here at Laura Miller, DDS, we want to make sure you’re informed of all your options so you can make the best decision possible about your new mouth guard.

Stock mouth guards are widely available and also the most inexpensive option. The guard slips into your mouth and you are ready to play. Unfortunately, many athletes complain that stock mouth guards sometimes make it hard to breathe and never seem to give a truly firm fit.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards usually cost a little bit more than stock mouth guards. They are made from a material that softens when heated and then hardens again once it cools. These mouth guards do offer a little bit more of a custom fit. To use them you simply soak the mouth guard in boiling water for a few minutes, allow it to cool for a moment, then bite down hard on it. The material molds to the general shape of your teeth. When it hardens, you are ready to play. One of the more common complaints with boil-and-bite mouth guards is that they can feel bulky in the mouth.

Custom mouth guards are top-of-the-line mouth guards, offering a custom fit and protection. Technology continues to advance in custom mouth guard materials and techniques.

Dr. Laura Miller can help you figure out what option is best for you. Call us today at 860-346-6872 to make an appointment.